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      ProductsProduct list

      release time:2016-09-22



      Technical parameters



      Voltage: 220~240V, 50Hz    

      Rated Power: 1500W

      Tank Capacity: 2.0L

      Rated Water Capacity: 1.5L

      Steam Pressure: 3.5Bar

      Steam Flow: 50g/min

      Temperature: 160

      Fuse switch: 240

      Heating time: Approx 10 min

      Steam availability: About 60min

      1. Floor cleaning whatever

          the tile or the carpet 
      2. Car cleaning
      3. Garment steamer function
      4. High place window cleaning
      5. Sterilization on carpets, 

          pillows, cloth sofa
      6. Edge, aperture corner cleaning

      7. Bathroom, living room, 

          kitchen cleaning

      1. With a child-proof lock
      2. No pollution, without 

          any chemical reagent 
      3. Very economy, just need 

          pure water
      4. Steam flow adjustable
      5. Long wire makes it very easy 

          to cleaning all rooms

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