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      Domestic technology overtake


      The technical principle of air fryer is the air in the fryer top heating, fan power to the heated air circulation in the rapidly formed hot pot, so that the formation of the surface of the surface of golden and crisp food at the same time, lock the moisture inside the ingredients. As a result, the appearance of the common fried food can be achieved without the traditional frying method, and the fragrant and crisp texture can be achieved. Compared with the traditional fried food, air fryer cooking process is essentially the use of high temperature hot air drying instead of frying oil.
      By improving the analysis of domestic and foreign applicants for air fryer related technology abroad, submitted by the applicant for a patent for invention all before 2010, the patent application content focused on the fryer inlet and outlet of the controllable set; simple control of the air circulation channel, in order to improve the speed performance of air fryer cooking; cooking and cooking oil to increase visual filtering function. The applicant's application for a patent for invention is the most in 2013, the patent application content for emphasis: control the air circulation; circulation vortex, and other cyclone air circulation is formed in the pot to control food heating rate; by heating efficiency, such as the use of the spiral heating pipe is heated to improve heating efficiency.
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