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      Sparkling water to open a new blue ocean of healthy drinking water


      Sparkling water last year, the market reached 4 billion 200 million yuan
      In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard and the change of consumption mode, the bubble water has more and more user groups, and is slowly opening the door of the domestic market. After many years of market cultivation, although the whole bottled water in the bottled water market share is not large, but the rapid growth, with a broad market space. The Institute of industrial data, in 2015, China's bubble aquatic products amounted to 880 thousand tons, the market scale reached 4 billion 200 million yuan. It is expected that by 2020, China's bubble market will be more than 7 billion yuan.
      And this is confirmed, China's bubble water machine is also increasing year by year. According to statistics, in 2011, China's bubble water machine production of 72 thousand and 210 units, according to the latest statistics, in 2016 1-5 months, China's air bubble water production 57 thousand and 100 units, an increase of 15.36%. China's bubble water machine market demand is very large, the market is in short supply, the market is getting bigger and bigger, the industry is in a period of growth, the market prospect is very broad.

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