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      The popularity of sparkling water reflects the demand of healthy lifestyle in the market


      Why bubble water market in recent years, the rapid growth in recent years? Analysis of the industry, cultivate the bubble water in China market 20 years in the market, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle for young middle-class population growth, as well as international brand giants and retail channels market are popular in the water bubble prompted the reason in china.
      In modern society, more and more consumers start to abandon the synthetic products, the pursuit of natural products without adding ingredients. People are starting to take more time to exercise, and drinking a beverage that contains caffeine or a large number of additives is considered an unhealthy lifestyle. The emergence of the bubble water just to meet the health demands. Bubble water is good to drink, fresh, healthy, without any harmful substances such as sugar, acid, pigment, flavors or preservatives, are more readily than carbonated drinks, taste more fresh and delicate bubbles, conform to the trend of consumers seeking a healthy diet. In addition, from the perspective of the consumer experience, love bubble brings zest sense of consumers, are not found in any other category of this meeting.
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