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      Yan Yanxia, a cup of iced drink bubble health


      In recent years, with the improvement of people's consumption ability, as well as the promotion of health awareness, more and more young consumers began to seek alternatives to carbonated drinks. Healthy and has a sense of gas bubble when water becomes cool under the new favorite of young people.
      In some European countries, such as France, Switzerland, mineral water is usually refers to carbonated drinks, if you do not want to bring gas, it must be said, Gas No". Bubble water is from the "Water Gas". Known in Japanese "water", English called "Sparkling water", it is a kind of mineral water rich in minerals, including potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium on the human body be of great advantage.
      Bubble water into China for nearly 20 years, the first to focus on high-end food and beverage channels, in the retail channel is basically limited to the import of supermarkets and some large supermarkets. After many years of food and beverage market cultivation, bubble water although the proportion of the entire bottled water market is not large, but the rapid growth, with a broad market space.
      Bubble water is good to drink, fresh, healthy, without any harmful substances such as sugar, acid, pigment, flavors or preservatives, are more readily than carbonated drinks, taste more fresh and delicate bubbles. Summer, a cup of refreshing and healthy water bubble is undoubtedly a kind of enjoyment.
      However, how to export variety, fashionable and stylish taste modulation of bubbles of water? Since this week, the newspaper will jointly launch SODASODA column, teach you the use of bubble water machine, the food grade carbon dioxide gas through the high-pressure way into the water, and then adding a variety of creative fresh fruit, modulation of drink and health "in the mood for bubble drink, not to be missed.

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