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      Air fryer patent


      Recently, one called "the rise of air fryer cooking appliances, declaring" low oil "or" no oil ", by many people of all ages. Various brands of air fryer, price from 500 yuan to 2000 yuan. Unlike other microwave ovens and other appliances, the air fryer slogan, highlight the "healthy" two words.
      An analysis of the number of patent applications
      Through searching the database China patent found that as of December 25, 2015, a total of 337 patent applications China is closely related with the air fryer involved in technology and application.
      Our country for the first time relates to air fryer patents in the field of applications is 2004, but the amount of patent application was very few, only 2 pieces. In the next few years, the amount of patent applications in China remained at 2 to 1 per year. Until 2012, with the public's concern about the health of the diet higher and higher, the field of patent applications increased significantly, reaching 40, more than the amount of the previous year's application and. 2013, the field of patent applications rose again to 78, in 2014 the amount of the application is to reach 109. Due to the reasons for the delay in the patent application, the patent application has been filed in 2015 and has reached 98, it is expected that the annual application will be high.
      China's air fryer field of 337 patent applications, is the highest proportion of design patents, 160, and design patents and utility model patent applications accounted for the proportion of the total area for more than 90%. The field of invention patent application is less, only 32. As everyone knows, for the 3 kinds of patent application for invention patent application technology was the highest and most can reflect the degree of innovation and technology, but the air fryer related patent applications, the applicant is not the focus of research and development of technology innovation, in other words, air fryer for principle is relatively simple, does not include technology innovation too much.
      In these 337 patent applications, the domestic applicants to submit a total of 322 patent applications, accounting for an absolute majority.
      In the domestic applicants, submit patent applications is the highest Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd, 20, 18 of which were for the utility model patent application, 2 for design patents, and has obtained the patent right, part of the pot body is mainly related to patent applications and related to air fryer. However, although the domestic applicants in the amount of patent applications topped the list, but the proportion of the patent application is low.
      Of the 15 patent applications submitted by a foreign applicant, 4 are from PHILPS Holland. It can be seen as an important manufacturer of small household electrical appliances, PHILPS company in order to occupy the market share, its various appliances in the field are covered.
      From the air fryer relates to the application for a patent for invention ownership, domestic applicants to submit an application for a patent for invention is the most in 2013, a total of 23, while the foreign applicant to submit the application for a patent for invention is before 2010, a total of 6, visible in the air fryer, the foreign applicant carried out in China the patent layout earlier in the domestic applicant.

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